I was a Guest Host on the ParaSkeptiX Show!

I had the wonderful experience of co-hosting the ParaSkeptiX show. It was a resurrection as in the last show, Dalton ‘blew his brains out’ and needed to be resurrected. Please, if you enjoy it and laugh even just once then leave a like and share!

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008: Interview with the Paraskeptix [Explicit]

Warning: Explicit!

This is a very special episode of the Mostly Paranormal Podcast, I have two special guests: The Paraskeptix – Dalton and Wade talking about … stuff… paranormal stuff!

This is a crazy interview, it was roughly planned and perfectly executed with hilarity all the way though!


Twitter: @ParaSkeptix https://twitter.com/ParaskeptiX

Wolf winkie’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBLrslInL3U

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EVP… The 5 Fundamentals That Everyone Always Forgets.

EVP The 5 Fundamentals That Everyone Always Forgets.

Seriously – here are 5 major things you need to do every time you do an EVP session for the best, clearest and valid responses.


The Fundamentals.


Buy the best voice recorder you can afford.

The Tascam series is considered the best (at the time of writing) you need a good voice recorder for a high quality recording. Cheap recorders compress the audio causing data to be lost and you lose valid EVP’s.

For the best recording, you need to record in a lossless format, the most common format being WAV and in the highest bitrate possible – usually 192bps. The Tascam also allows you to record in stereo. A stereo recording can help pinpoint possible audio interference from draughts or noisy group members.


Control your environment and make notes.

This means – close all doors and windows. Tell everyone what you are doing and that they will need to stay absolutely still and silent or ask them to leave the area – back in the car preferably or as far away from the EVP session as possible.

Make notes about where everyone is in the room, where the windows are, doors, everything. If you think the building may have animals, note that down as well. This ensures you can debunk accurately during the review and not get carried away by the wind whistling through a window.


Put. Your. Recorder. Down.

Don’t wave it about, don’t talk into it like a cheap microphone at a karaoke bar after too many margaritas. Put it on something solid – not the floor (vibrations) – a table is good. if you can put the recorder on something that adsorbs vibrations even better. It needs to be in the centre of the room. Windows and doors create draughts & walls will amplify vibrations from other parts of the house.


Verbally mark noises during a session.

If you hear a fox outside screaming (they sound bloody eerie) then verbally note that, if someone moves – say so. If someone whispers – (clip them upside the head) say so… You get the picture.


Stand STILL and don’t TALK.

Ask a question but keep it short and simple, don’t ramble on and on (I used to do this as I felt silly talking to an empty room). You are going to talk over any EVP’s. Also leave enough time for any voices to answer. About 10 Mississippies are long enough. If you have to move, make note of it out loud “Moving from X to Z” is good enough.


Evidence Review

During the evidence review, if you have to amplify more than 10x the original level then it is not a valid EVP. It is considered an recorder bug and is not admissible as valid. Sorry.

Take your time, but don’t take too long. If you think you hear something, then by all means repeat play that section, but if you still can’t make out what it is and your buddy can’t either then move on to the next.

If you modify your recording - the evidence is far to compromised to be more than an interesting case of audio paredolia.

I firmly believe that if you need to modify (by that I mean amplify +10db, noise reduction/hiss reduction a lot) then the evidence is far to compromised to be more than an interesting case of audio paredolia.

Get a buddy to listen. Don’t tell them what you think you hear, let them tell you. If their thoughts and yours match up then you might have got something there friend.

Debunk, debunk, debunk.

Can what you hear be explained in a rational obvious way – a scream from a fox? If so then the evidence is not valid. You shouldn’t be showing it off as proof. It isn’t.

YOU as a paranormal researcher have the responsibility to tell the truth. The people who listen to your evidence weren’t there, they don’t know what could’ve caused the noises. They trust you to tell the truth, to review your evidence properly, carefully and rationally. There are far to many charlatans in the paranormal world that are just out to get a rise out of others. They seriously undermine what serious researchers are trying to do. Don’t be one of those rejects.


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How to Guide : EVP – 11 Steps to F*&k it up.

How to do an evp session badly.

So we have all seen those guys on the TV with their little voice recorders picking up disembodied voices from the unknown and we think to ourselves, “Why by jove! I can do that!”

I see many newbie investigators running off to Amazon, buying themselves a digital recorder and then posting crappy YouTube videos of static exclaiming that “There are voices! They say…” and then annotating the living daylights out of the video.

We at the Ghost Trust are here to inform and educate you on the best way to do the crappiest EVP session possible to make sure YOU get the very best in false EVP evidence for your channel.


Here they are:

1. Always buy the cheapest voice recorder possible, if it’s under £10 then you are good to go. If you can, get one that’s made of thin plastic.

2. Hold your recorder very tightly when doing a session.

3. After asking your question make sure to wave the recorder around in the air as much as possible to capture those spirit voices.

4. While waiting for the spirits to reply, start fiddling with the recorder, perhaps you could start to pick of that sticker that tells you it’s also an MP3 player?

5. While doing a session walk around! Don’t worry a spirit will follow, even if it’s tied to a certain spot.

6. While you are at it, while waiting for a reply, don’t worry if your leg does dead or you are uncomfortable, shift about, change positions have a good long stretch while you are at it.

7. In a group, never speak loudly and clearly while doing an EVP session, whisper as quietly as possible, you don’t want to talk over the spirits now do you?

8. Wear waterproof jackets and trousers, sure they might be the noisiest clothing known to man, but you don’t wanna catch a cold do you?

9. If your arm is getting tired, pop your recorder down near a window or a door. Don’t bother putting it on a table or a chair near the middle of the room, the draughts will keep it nice and cool.

10. When asking questions, talk as loudly as you can with the recorder as close to your mouth as possible, then when waiting on a reply (if you aren’t waving it about or it’s not n a handy draughty windowsill) keep it real close to your mouth while you wait for a reply.

11. Last but not least ask a question and then keep talking, if you get stuck for things to say, you can insult the intelligence of the intelligent spirit you are talking to, talk about the ‘little black/silver/red’ box in your hand and how it captures voices, then if you get bored of explaining that to your spirit, talk to your mate about weekend plans and how wasted you were last weekend.


I shouldn’t have to say this, but I dunno sometimes, the list above is 11 examples of what you should not do on an EVP session. If you want to know what TO do, then just read back through and note down the opposite.

I have witnessed every single one of these things being done, in real life and by the ‘professionals (lol)’ on television.

Comments below


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Couple of fun Updates!

The Mostly Paranormal Podcast has a fan page! http://www.facebook.com/mostlyparanormalpodcast

That’s number one!


Number two is that the MPP now has new and shiny updated artwork…




That is all, thank you. Oh and keep an eye (or an ear) out for a new episode coming soon.


Oh yeah, and check out the ParaskeptiX, they are cool and awesome and we are on the same wavelength!


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The Weather Outside is Frightful……. Pt. 2 – News Article – Supernatural Magazine

The Weather Outside is Frightful……. Pt. 2

Only a few days into a new paranormal investigation that began in 2010, I encountered an entity and a phenomenon that still keeps me awake some nights, and is a constant topic of discussion wherever I speak publicly. I have given much thought (obviously) to this matter and have honed a theory from my experience, as well as the experiences of my team and others who have encountered this entity.

I had turned in early, due to having an interview with a client for our newest case. Unlike most nights, I fell asleep with little struggle and managed to sleep through the night…most of the night anyway. It was around 3am when I was awakened by a rogue thunderstorm that had not been forecast. Thunder boomed so loudly that it rattled my windows and snatched me from my peaceful slumber. I was disoriented, not expecting the storm, but having a love of severe weather, I was content. Normally, I would open the curtains and blinds to watch the lightning but this night, things felt different. Something was off. As my eyes began to adjust to the darkness, I scanned the room. There was an energy in the room that I could literally feel. The hairs on my arms stood on end and my senses felt heightened. My eyes peered through the night picking out familiar shapes in my bedroom, but my gaze was frozen when I spied a silhouette in the corner of my room; a short, shadowy figure that did not belong. The longer I stared, the clearer the darkened image became. I was looking at what appeared to be a young child, a girl, hiding in the shadows, with arms outstretched towards the sky. Only a few moments had passed when the brilliant flash of lightning and earsplitting thunder struck just outside of my window. In that brief millisecond, I clearly saw a petite, blonde girl who vanished with the lightning.

There were many instances like this and others that led me to formulate a theory. Everything…literally everything is energy. Energy and matter is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes form. With that being said, all energy consists of different vibrations and frequencies. If a person’s energy remains whole, and not disrupted or dispersed across the universe, at their time of death, they would then potentially have a new and unique frequency. There is a quote from Einstein that states (paraphrased) if you can tune in to the vibration of the reality you desire, reality has no choice but to become what you desire. If an entity, such as this child, could tune her frequency to those around her, her potential would be astounding. Tune into the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) of a cellphone or wi-fi signal, and travel anywhere that signal may be going. Likewise, tune into the EMF of an electrical storm and the entity would then become what I have coined as a “lightning rider”. Not only does this provoke thoughts of travel via lightning, but also energy acquirement and usage. If paranormal investigators believe a spirit may cause battery drainage muster energy to manifest…what incredible manifestations would be possible to an entity who could draw energy from a lightning strike? Another aspect would be if an entity had that ability, could it learn, or hone, the skill to be able to draw storm energy to direct lightning to do its bidding, or even draw storms into existence? As with most theories, this offers more questions than answers, but question worth contemplating.

The next time you are in the midst of a severe electrical storm, you have some thoughts to ponder. As for me and my team, we don’t need any more proof than what we have already experienced to know these theories are substantiated. Due to my own personal experiences, every time I experience a thunderstorm, or even the potential of one, I anticipate a visit. Those visits do not always come to fruition, but there is always a level of anxiety associated with the possibility.

For more fascinating details about my experiences and those of others involved in this case, pick up a copy of Forever ASH: the Witch Child of Helmach Creek available through French Point Publishing on Amazon and other outlets.


Also check out book two in the series- The Shadows of Eternity


And visit my Facebook page at-


Source: The Weather Outside is Frightful……. Pt. 2 – News Article – Supernatural Magazine

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Memento Mori: My Macabre Fixation: Steve Huff “Doing what people want”, but at what price?

This article struck me as a very important read for us paranormal researchers, something we really do need to keep in mind .


Steve Huff “Doing what people want”, but at what price?

The paranormal community has it’s fair share of controversial characters, no doubt that Steve Huff is one of those. When it comes to pleasing the masses, no doubt he’s a paranormal enthusiast favorite. Steve’s a smooth, fast talker who can pretty much sell anything he’s putting out there. This includes trying to convince people that he’s contacting the dead practically before the coroner has arrived. To him this is probably is alright, as many clamber to his page to get a listen to what people believe are their favorite stars speaking out about their journey to the other side.

Before getting into why this irritates me so, let me start by setting up what’s transpired over the last several hours.

His most recent video is what he claims to be spirit interaction concerning the recently deceased B.B. King.King died May 14, 2015 in Las Vegas Nevada. Upon hearing about his death, a buzz across Facebook started already predicting that Huff would be talking to B.B within the next 24 hrs. People were right. May 15th Huff posted a video claiming to have received over 50 requests to hear from King. He did so using his Andre’s box and SCD-1. He starts with his Andre’s Box. In usual fashion, garbled sounds come through the box. As noises start to form, Steve puts up text across the screen suggesting what’s being said. For one, this is misleading and influencing those listening to it. Instead of  allowing the audience to listen and make these determinations for themselves, Steve puts what he wants the audience to believe to supports his claim. He claims matter-of-factly, that this validates the Andre’s box. I cannot personally hear what he is claiming to hear and from the reactions many, others cannot either.

Many took to the comments section to express their distaste for Huff’s antics. Huff mostly reacted by swiftly removing any rebuttal. Those that he did take the time to reply to, like mine, he claimed he was doing “what I do” and doing “what people want to see”.

There’s no doubt he’s right about that. His counters rose to 10,680 views within the first 17 hrs posted. My thoughts are that people don’t care about the reality of the situation. They want the ghost story. Most aren’t even really thinking about the stories unfolding in the privacy of these people’s homes, as they grieve for their loss. Most people see celebrities as a commodity, not as human beings. There’s an air of entitlement that these celebs owe it to everyone to be a public story no matter what.

Even in death they owe it to us to perform? What about their families? Do they sign on for this?

What happened to advocating for the dead? Steve said he feels it would be wrong to not pass on the information. Information, that he tries to convince others, are messages from beyond the grave. Let’s face it – he really doesn’t know. Nobody does.

Why stir up emotional turmoil over speculation?

My View

I’m not gonna sugar coat here, and I assure you this is not going to be the cliff notes version of how I feel. This is going to be long. This is going to be as direct as possible, as to have no misunderstanding of how I, and many others feel.

There’s a lot of issues going on in the paranormal community that I see people addressing daily. Bad moral practices by paranormal teams. Bad business practices by event promoters. False credentials being presented to boost resumes. Bad evidence. Bad people with criminal records -up to child molestation- doing residential investigations. The list goes on and on and on.

What about material being presented publicly, that may cause emotional damage to grieving families?

It’s my observation anytime anyone addresses issues like this it’s instantly labeled as “para-drama”. This has become a safe word for those facing opposition in the community for what many see as unfavorable practices – even if the accused is clearly in the wrong. Label it “para-drama” and it seems instantly those contesting are the ones at fault.

It isn’t drama if the situation is potentially harmful, and an adversary is attempting to bring public awareness to immoral practices. Stop abusing the term “drama”, and stop displacing accountability in the name of being accepted by these people. If people cared half as much about morality as they do popularity, we may actually begin to evolve and move forward in this “community” without theDRAMA.

So now with that put out there, getting onto with my issue with Steve Huff. Last thing I wanna do is fluff his ego by pointing out that the guy is popular, but its a fact that he is. I don’t deny that. I can appreciate another’s hard work or rise to success, when done with good intent. He’s obviously got the ability and/or talent to tell people what they want to hear, and show them what they want to see. He openly admits, this is what he does. I respect that he’s straight forward about that, but where do we draw the line? What price do we pay to “give people what they want“?

I know his followers are going to come over here, read this and say nasty shit about me and I’m cool with that. For the record I’m not a ‘hater”, or jealous. I’m someone who sincerely sees moral faultwith what others see as entertainment or God-forbid “research” (used loosely in this case). I rather pursue what I do with my integrity intact. I don’t, in fact, give people what they want. I tell people what they don’t want to hear, and what they need to hear.

I’m not claiming to be perfect. I have made mistakes in the past that make me cringe today, but Ilearned from them. I have endless faults, but I can say in good conscious I try my best to be honorable in my actions. I feel I do my best to advocate for the living and the deceased. I would never pervert or exploit the tragedy of another for my popularity nor my pocket book. Seeing this type of non-sense makes me want to be a part of this “community”, less and less.

Why does this situation get under my skin? Why do I care what Steve Huff does? I’ll let my message to Steve himself explain. Excuse the language, I was angry at the moment after reading his response. (sorry that the screen shot bounces around a bit)

I took a few minutes to reflect on the fact that maybe my anger was overriding what I really wanted to do, which was to express why I felt it was wrong. I’m human. I realized through my reaction, I was probably going to receive a “shut down” response because of my name calling. I decided to go ahead and really express why his practices upset me personally. I have no clue if he’ll respond or not, probably not because my best guess is that he really doesn’t give a shit. If you’re not with him, your opinion is worthless.


**I just want to add as a side note that Robin William’s daughter Zelda left social media after her fathers death because of the 3 ring circus the internet became with people harrassing her and cashing in on her father’s death. Why in the fuck would anyone want to contribute to that?

I’m not going to sit here and try to bash Steve as a person. I don’t personally know the man. All I know him for is what he puts out there for the public, and for that I am entitled to an opinion. I am openly going to say that I absolutely disagree with his practices.

I pose the question to you all.

At what price are we willing to sacrifice another’s emotional welfare; for ratings, for crowd pleasing, for spectatorship, or for monetary gain? 

Steve Huff isn’t the only one guilty of this. I see it all the time. But like any one in the public eye, as he is, I feel that comes with some responsibility to be a good role mode and to set the standard for others out there.

Sometimes the RIGHT thing, isn’t the popular thing.

Source: Memento Mori: My Macabre Fixation: Steve Huff “Doing what people want”, but at what price?

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