002 From the Field – Mostly Paranormal Podcast

Michelle has a chat from her car and conducts a live EVP session right on site!

In this episode, I venture out into my car and away from the noise of the house to go to a reputed haunted location to record this podcast and perform a quick EVP session to see if the site is worth further investigation.

I begin with my current thoughts about popular topics in the paranormal comminuty: Nick Groff and his announcement that he is leaving Ghost Adventures. The recent article from Josh Weinstein – “One Little Brick Started it All” and my own personal thoughts about this article.

I then do an EVP, the audio of which is at the end of my thoughts and is unfiltered and untouched so feel free to download and listen to your heart’s content. Personally I don’t hear any responses but if you do, then let me know @GhostTrust


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