004 Chatting about Spirits and New Ideas Plus a Live EVP Session.

www.ghosttrust.com – In this episode I have a chat about a recent investigation and my thoughts about spirits and how they exist in our physical world. Keep listening till the end for a live EVP session from Gallows bank in Ludlow, Shropshire.


Gallows Bank

At the top corner of the bank, stood until recently a black poplar tree, from which it is believed that convicted and condemned persons were hung. From 1627, local courts were given the right by King Charles 1st to judge offenders and where required by law, to sentence them to death, often for offences which we would regard as minor nowadays. The accused might escape the death penalty by claiming ‘benefit of clergy’ (being able to read), but often the uneducated were not so lucky.

Crowds would have gathered to see the condemned make their final walk through the town and up the hill, where they would be stood beneath the tree facing the crowd. Many would be there to watch the spectacle. There would be armed guards and also vendors taking the opportunity to sell their wares. Family, friends and neighbours would no doubt be there as well to see them off. What might they have felt as they faced the crowd and looked beyond to the town and the country where they had lived, knowing that this was their last view of the world?

~ http://www.gallows-bank.org.uk

 My Thoughts

While the EVP is quite interesting, I haven’t been able to discern any audible Class-A EVP’s from the session, although I do think the place is definitely worth a further look.

I need to do a lot more research on my theory which will be fun! I hope to re-cover this topic at a later date.


Links from Podcast

Short session at Ludlow Castle :: The Ghost Trust – YouTube.

Links to the audio files (EVP)



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