Michelle Jones, Founder.

The Ghost Trust was founded in 2013 by Michelle Jones.

The aim of The Ghost Trust is to create a tight-knit group of paranormal investigators and researchers who practise the field with an open-minded but scientific and sceptical approach to reports and investigations of the paranormal, with an emphasis on helping people.

We are an experienced group with our headquarters in Shropshire and operate across England and Wales, investigating reports of hauntings, poltergeists, residual energy and all forms of paranormal & supernatural phenomena.


Logo220The Ghost Trust.

The Ghost Trust was founded as a response to people asking to join in on investigations. Michelle decided that an organised group with specific goals, policies and procedures would be beneficial for a well-rounded group.

After the Trust was set up, many people have thought that it was another ghost hunting events company. This is not the case.

The Ghost Trust is run as a non-profit group. We do this to further understanding of the paranormal and to hopefully provide irrefutable proof that there is life after death.


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