Fakes and Faux’s

 photo 20141205_024934_zps9b720ea6.jpgThis is a prime example of a photograph taken with a single hair in front of the lens. How do I know that it’s a single hair in front of the lens? Because I put it there. All of the photographs that you see on this page are fake. They have been faked either by myself or others who have admitted they were faked.


 photo 20141205_025140_zps7a3c75d4.jpgThis photograph contains what looks like a mist floating through the house. It is a mist, although it’s not spectral. It is actually residual vapour from an e-cig!

Below is the first shot of the vapour.
 photo 20141205_025128_zpse98fb4cc.jpg
As you can see it’s blatantly ‘smoke’. You need to be aware that just because you can’t see the smoke that you blew out a few seconds ago, depending on the wind, the humidity and temperature, it can take up to a good 2-3 minutes to completely dissipate.

When conducting an investigation. Set certain areas and times for when people can smoke or vape and then steer clear of those areas when photographing.


More to come!