Recommended Equipment.

  *Please note, the images of the equipment shown are for illustrative purposes only and are not a suggestion to buy that make or model. They are generic images taken from Flickr unless otherwise stated.


Essential Gear

maglite photoGood quality torch / head lamp.

Most investigations are done at night, not because it is spooky but because it is easer to gather ‘clean’ data. A good quality handheld torch and a head lamp with a red filter is the most important piece of kit you are going to need. Don’t skimp on this.

 notepad  photo Notepad and Pen

Another bit of essential kit, it is important to record everything, and I mean everything on an investigation. The date, time, atmospheric conditions, location, other people and the activity witnessed. Trust me, you won’t remember the boring bits, and they’re the most important part.

tascam photoDigital Voice Recorder

It is sometimes impossible to write down everything, (but it is still important to try, electronics have a nasty way of failing critically) so the humble voice recorder comes along for backup. It is also good for EVP’s too!
Make sure you buy the best one you can afford and one which has a PC port. It is also a good idea to buy a wind shield as well.

digital camera photoDigital Camera

Getting photographic evidence is very compelling and it is a also good practice to record every part of the location you are investigating. This is not only to capture unexplained phenomena, but it also gives readers of your report something to look at. A picture is worth a thousand words!


And that’s it for the basic equipment. It is all you need to start investigating the paranormal and most of the time, it’s all you will use. The most essential thing you need is enthusiasm and a dose of healthy scepticism. Don’t run around believing that every knock or bang is paranormal and DO go and try to debunk the sounds and visions you see.

Oh, before I forget, the most important piece of kit you will need is your brain! Learn, read and study everything you can on the paranormal, not just from other groups, but scientists and sceptics as well!


Intermediate Equipment.

The more you get into the field, the more you want equipment that does more. It is important to do your homework before splashing your cash on the latest and greatest bit of kit to come off the telly.

The Ghost Trust (TGT) is focused on gathering verifiable evidence and so we rely on certain bits of equipment to enable us to monitor not only the paranormal, but the physical world. This can help us explain some of the phenomena that we experience and capture. What’s worse, a fake ghost photo or one that could be explained with a little thought?

Some of these bits of equipment, you won’t have seen used on the old telly box, but they are important to use with every investigation.

emf meter photoEMF/Mel Meter

The EMF meter measures the Electromagnetic Frequencies that are around us. Some people have speculated that ghosts and spirits disturb the natural fluctuating EMF fields and these devices can record these fluctuations. Whether this is the case or not, I honestly don’t know. I would like to believe that every time the meter goes off, a ghost is about but after researching what these meters actually do, I am sceptical.

They measure the global bands of EMF present in an area. TV’s, wiring, water pipes, even the human body can cause minor fluctuations in the field, so to say that one reading is ‘base line’ and another anomalous is a fallacy. There isn’t the space to go into it all here but if you want to know more then Wikipedia has some in depth information.

camcorder photoFull Spectrum Camcorder/Camera

A full spectrum camera records the infrared, visible and ultraviolet light spectrum all at the same time. This is obviously more preferable to an IR camera which only records infrared light, it allows for the entire range of light to be caught and as we still don’t know what ghosts are made of it gives us a better chance of capturing one on tape.

Most ghost reports are of solid beings and video evidence is still very hard to fake so get a full bodied apparition on film and you will have hit the elusive top!

 Anemanemometer photoometer

These little gadgets record wind speeds. It is essential to record the wind speed outside during a vigil as wind can cause some weird knockings (a tree branch hitting a window), it can case the building to shift and creak. The wind chill can contract wood and metal causing strange noises as well.

humidity meter photoThermometer & Humidity meter

You can get these in a digital format with both temperature and humidity on the readout display. This bit of kit is particularly useful in finding out the dew point of the current environment. The dew point is the temperature at which moisture in the air condenses and this will give you a good idea if the mist you are seeing is paranormal or just errant water vapour condensing in the atmosphere.

Dew Point Calculator – Google Play App


Other Gadgets!

There are far too many ghost hunting gadgets to possibly list them all here. I have to admit that I am of more of a scientific investigator than some, but I do still have that little gremlin that wants to see something, that wants to believe in the paranormal and so I do love some honesttogoodness gadgetry!


SB7 Spirit Boxindex

The SB7  is a purpose built radio ITC device, it was modelled after the ‘shack-hacks’ of the early 2000’s which in turn were modelled after ‘Franks box’.

It is a radio that scans through both the FM or AM frequencies at a specified rate, set by the user and is believed to allow conscious spirits the ability to communicate through the white noise and snippets of radio chatter.

There has been some compelling evidence that intelligent and meaningful communication with spirits can be had with this device. It does take a little while to get the hand of it, but once you do, it can be very interesting.



Echovox is an app for both android and iphone. It runs on a mobile or tablet and works in a similar way to the SB7 however unlike the SB7, it doesn’t scan radio frequencies, I has 4 sound banks that each contain different phonemes (snippets of sound – ah, eh uh, ug…) these sounds then played through the speaker and are randomised by the use of a spinning selector. The sounds played through are then picked up by the mic and replayed in an echo. The audio is then manipulated by the spirits to allow intelligent responses.

*I personally use and endorse echovox. I have over 300 hours using this in haunted and passive locations and I can very well say that this does work. I receive intelligent replies to open-ended questions at known haunted locations and no replies at places that are not haunted. This proves to me that it works. – Michelle J.

laser grid photo

Laser Grid

A laser grid is one of those cool pieces of equipment we use to see if anything moves in a room. The theory is that if there is a full body apparition then the beams will be broken and then it will be visible. To date, this hasn’t happened. It’s still a fun bit of kit to use and you never know when it’ll come in handy!

 motion detector photoMotion Detector

Like the laser grid, the theory is a full bodied apparition breaks the IR beam and the detector goes off. We have had the detector go off a few times which we haven’t been able to explain, but as we didn’t have video footage of the event, it could be a natural cause such as a mouse or bird.



One caveat: The Ghost Trust cannot prove without a shadow of a doubt that these devices work 100%, you will have to make your own experiments and minds up about their validity.


Photo by frankieleon Photo by Dr Stephen Dann Photo by MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・) Photo by ignat.gorazd Photo by npslibrarian Photo by WCGAPS Photo by jo.sau Photo by SurfaceWarriors Photo by Claudio Matsuoka Photo by Lomo-Cam Photo by JohnDunne