Ghost Hunting Events and the Damage they Do.

I recently contacted a venue for permission to investigate some claims of the paranormal that they have had there. I was told that I would be allowed to investigate if I coughed up £250 for 6 hours.
I politely replied that that was far out of our budget range as we are only a small group, not interested in hosting ghost hunting parties, but we just wanted to perform a quiet and scientific investigation to see if we could capture evidence of the paranormal happenings there.
I was informed by the PR manager that most ghost hunting groups are happy to pay that fee as the building is indeed haunted and insert list of ghost hunting profit making groups here have had successful investigations.
I replied with a thank you for your time but no thanks and left it at that.
This got me thinking. How much money do these ghost hunting companies actually make. Let’s work it out.

Location and Tickets

  • 6 hours location time = £250
  • Average group size = 35

250/35 = £7.14

So each member of the group is actually paying 7.14. Right.

Ghost hunting group expenses…

Equipment – probably the most costly (let’s say each person on the event gets a voice recorder and cheap thermometer) per person = £25
– You have to remember that they don’t get to keep this stuff at the end of the event, so lets figure that the equipment lasts a year and the events are held bi-monthly..
So it’s £1.00 per person.
Equipment = £35.00

You have to feed and water the troops… Some venues offer a buffet menu and that is added onto the final price so I won’t take that into account here.
Tea and biscuits = £15

As a company, they don’t have to have Public Liability insurance, some do, most don’t. It is good practice and for the benefit of the doubt, I will allow that they have it.
Public Liability insurance companies covering paranormal groups are rather few and far between in the UK so I will settle for ‘Westminster Indemnity Ltd’ who’s cover for groups starts at £116 pa. We will use this figure. Working out bi-monthly…

Insurance = £4.80


  • Equipment = £35.00
  • Tea and biscuits = £15
  • Insurance = £4.8
  • Location Fees = £250

Overall Total expenses per “investigation” = £304.80

Let’s take that figure and then divide it by the attendees…

These companies, on facebook, online, in the papers are charging between £25 -£75 per ticket.

That’s £16.30 profit per ticket. £570 profit per event.
I repeat…
Five hundred and seventy pounds profit.

If you notice, these companies will charge higher ticket prices the when the venue allow only a certain amount of people. They call it ‘exclusive’.
So going back to where I started, sure! Of course! ghost hunting event companies are SUPER HAPPY to pay £250 for an event, they make a massive profit from this.
My gripe is that these venues figure it out, it’s not hard. I have dyscalculia and I did it. These venues then wise up to what’s happening and their paranormal fees just keep rising and rising, the companies’ fees rise right alongside.

This pushes the serious investigator out. A group of only two or three investigators cannot afford to pay these fees.
Some give up entirely, some go the route of becoming one of these paranormal leeches, others bite the bullet and pony up the cash after working five shifts at some crappy job to pay for it.

I don’t know what we will do. For now, I am still looking for haunted places that DO NOT cater to the ghost hunting event leeches.

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