Investigation at a 19th Century Cattle Yard

Working the night shift allows me to stay up all night without the burden of tiredness. My days are my nights and my nights are my days. For paranormal investigations, this is perfect.

Location, Location, Location

Finding this location was a result of a fascination with old maps and finding an online scan of a map from the 1800’s for the area in which I live was gold dust to me.

For three hours I poured over this scrap of history, the scan was good, the specks of brown and the paper texture making it feel like it was on my desk in full dusty glory.

Patience is a Virtue

old cattle market photo

Cattle Fair Bowling Green Founded by William Kitt 1041

Three hours and two cups of tea later, I stumble on an unassuming note; Cattle Market. This wasn’t where I thought it should be.
The only cattle market that I knew of that was located in this town was at a different site, the other side of the town and demolished in the early 2000’s.

Looking online, I couldn’t find much in the way of historical documents regarding the cattle yard that I remembered, not surprising really as a cattle market isn’t considered that historically significant.

The Difficulties of Research

I found a site that talked about a local tavern which held cattle ready for sale, this tavern is located about a quarter of a mile from the market I remembered and the site mentions that this holding pen was in effect in the 17th century.

I went back to the map to take a look at the cattle market location I remembered and found that it was labelled “Auction Mart” and it was located next to a brick works. I have to wonder, was the Auction Mart a place where building materials were sold? Not cattle?

Map showing the positions of the Cattle Market (orange) and the Auction Mart (yellow).

Map showing the positions of the Cattle Market (orange) and the Auction Mart (yellow).

Ludlow has some very nice red clay and the stone around would be good for making housing bricks. Perhaps the market (pardon the pun) dried up and the old cattle market I found on the map was moved to the auction location as it was closer to the taverns in the town?

So many questions and little historical data to go on. It started to nag at me so I delved into more and more obscure parts of the internet to read more but nothing, not even an off hand account of an 18th century traveller.

Is it Still Haunted?

I got to wondering if there was a spirit there that would be able to talk to me. As far as I could tell, there has never been a paranormal investigation conducted there, there have been a few ‘medium’ and ‘spiritualism’ classes held in the local St. Johns Ambulance hall situated on the edge of the car park that now occupies the site of the old cattle market, but I do not know if they got anything. I’m still a sceptic with regard to mediums and spiritualists.

Site of the old Cattle Market in Ludlow

Modern site of the old Cattle Market in Ludlow

The Investigation

The investigation stated at 3am, it was a cold night and due to the location, I elected to stay in the car as I was there alone.

I didn’t see anything that was unexplained, at one point I thought I saw a shadow run behind me but that was soon proved as a car driving past, the lights casting shadows.

The Evp was compelling but unfortunately I only captured class c evps, however the echovox communication was a lot more productive.

Half an hour later, a strange car pulled up outside the car park and as it wasn’t police I decided to leave. The driver was behaving strangely and it unnerved me.

I plan to investigate again but next time, I will go with another.


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