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Ok. So this is what I think about at 3am….What about a candle as a trigger? You know the spirit of the person you…

Posted by Robb Demarest on Sunday, 26 April 2015

Full text..

Ok. So this is what I think about at 3am….

What about a candle as a trigger? You know the spirit of the person you are looking for loved roses…or baking bread. Now before you say “Who says ghosts can smell?!?”. Well, we assume ghosts can see without eyes…speak without mouths…touch without hands….etc.

Wait. You have another objection? Why not just bring roses? Well, the olfactory sense tends to many to bring up vivid memories. So, seeing a rose, and you think “I like roses”, but smelling a rose and it brings you back to that prom night in your junior year. Might it also inspire a spirit to manifest?

Truth be told, I have been thinking a LOT about the state of affairs in terms of investigations, and the outlook is grim.So, I can either throw up my hands or keep trying. Well, these boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do, and one of these days these boots are gonna find a ghost or two! If you are like me, you can march along with me. Do NOT believe we have all the tools needed to find ghosts. Do NOT believe there is any such thing as a COMPLETE ghost hunting kit. Do NOT accept the status quo of the teams out there….on tv or in your neighborhood. DO try something new and different on every single investigation. Most of all? DO try to have a fantastic Sunday.

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007 : Para App Wars & I’m ALIVE!

Hey y’all, I know its been a while and I explain why in the podcast. I also cover the app wars that have been all over Facebook and Twitter.

It’s only a short one this time, but I have plans, so be afraid, be very afraid…

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Mental Health Hospital or Lunatic Asylum?

Recently there has been a touch of controversy in the paranormal community where a ghost hunting group advertised a hunt at a local “Lunatic Asylum” which really stirred up the pot.

The Towers Hospital


According to the article, the hospital started off life called “Leicester Borough Lunatic Asylum” in 1869. The name changed over the years to “Towers Hospital”. Understandably, the locals are a bit annoyed that the ghost hunting group called their hospital a lunatic asylum, but I have to wonder if they are getting their panties in a twist over semantics.

The hospital was originally a place where the physical and mentally disabled and ill were put. It was called a Lunatic Asylum, it was a descriptor, not an attempt at causing offence to the public. A lunatic was a person whose actions and manner were marked by extreme eccentricity or recklessness. An asylum was classed as a secure retreat.

Historically, those words are an accurate representation of the function of the building.
It is only in present times, these two words have come to mean something more degrading and vile.

Ahh, enough about words and history.


I get why the group is calling it an Asylum. They are there to contact the spirits of the past, the spirits of the original patients. The original patients would have known it as an Asylum, not a hospital.

However, I do have an issue with how the event was advertised:

In a posting on Facebook, Simply Paranormal UK used the term when announcing an event in May this year.
The posting said: “We are pleased to announce another Mental Asylum.
“The Towers Lunatic Asylum in Leicester – Ghost hunting never got even more exciting.”
– Source

It’s a very infantile way of advertising an event, (which suggests to me that this is just another woo-woo, ‘in it for the money’ company) the language is hokey and the advert could simply be written better. The name of the building is actually “The Towers” and the Lunatic Asylum part should have been left for the blurb.

A piece of advice to companies is to write it with a modicum of respect and a liberal use of grammar.

Ghost hunt event companies really need to think about the people who live there still and those who may have had friends or family in the building, and how they may feel.

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Paranormal Attention Seekers.

fake demon photoThis is a case I have followed for over a year. The case came up on a paranormal board that I frequent, I joined in, thinking this could be real, but as a sceptic I always have my doubts.

Unfortunately the internet isn’t the best way to perform an investigation, as the ‘evidence’ is being provided by the person claiming the activity and therefore is extremely biased.

The Ghost Adventures crew actually investigated the claims made in their season 10 episode “Demons in Seattle” this was a very controversial episode as they didn’t actually find any evidence.

I was surprised that they didn’t find anything, it’s usual for these shows to find ‘something’ even if it’s just a “Did you hear that?!” but absolutely nothing happened. I will admit my estimation of them has shot up.

This is common in the field. Nine times out of ten NOTHING happens on an investigation. Us paranormal investigators are paradigms of patience, we will sit for hours in buildings slowly getting cold and hungry and the end of it, nothing, nada, zip. After a week of evidence review… still nothing. Welcome to REAL investigating!

So it was amazing to see a TV show actually show nothing happening.

Anyway, back to point…

This case was interesting as was happening over years, it began in 2012 I believe. The evidence given by the occupant was very vague and biased. After requesting pretty standard paranormal investigating evidence – CCTV coverage, more and more excuses came out. Video evidence would be easy if the activity was as obvious and violent as was claimed.

There was no EVP evidence from the occupant either, who doesn’t have a voice recorder? I even have on pre-installed on my mobile.

The case became more and more spurious.

I even emailed the occupant with some suggestions to clear the house. He replied that he would try my suggestions and then 3 months later, still no communication, just more vague evidence.

The thread in the forum blew up when the OP announced that the GA crew were coming to film.
After the occupant of the house had seen the preview of the show he was making reference to the show having some amazing evidence, so we were all eagerly awaiting this ‘amazing evidence’ and well… yeah… so… nothing.

The Ghost Adventures show really nailed it for me.

After the show, Twitter and Facebook went crazy with some people annoyed with the lack of evidence and most happy that the GA crew showed a real investigation!

The occupant seemed oblivious to the complete lack of evidence from the show. he continued to provide ‘evidence’.

My verdict is : Attention seekers.

Here is a radio interview of the occupant.


Photo by 顔なし

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Ghost Hunting Events and the Damage they Do.

I recently contacted a venue for permission to investigate some claims of the paranormal that they have had there. I was told that I would be allowed to investigate if I coughed up £250 for 6 hours.
I politely replied that that was far out of our budget range as we are only a small group, not interested in hosting ghost hunting parties, but we just wanted to perform a quiet and scientific investigation to see if we could capture evidence of the paranormal happenings there.
I was informed by the PR manager that most ghost hunting groups are happy to pay that fee as the building is indeed haunted and insert list of ghost hunting profit making groups here have had successful investigations.
I replied with a thank you for your time but no thanks and left it at that.
This got me thinking. How much money do these ghost hunting companies actually make. Let’s work it out.

Location and Tickets

  • 6 hours location time = £250
  • Average group size = 35

250/35 = £7.14

So each member of the group is actually paying 7.14. Right.

Ghost hunting group expenses…

Equipment – probably the most costly (let’s say each person on the event gets a voice recorder and cheap thermometer) per person = £25
– You have to remember that they don’t get to keep this stuff at the end of the event, so lets figure that the equipment lasts a year and the events are held bi-monthly..
So it’s £1.00 per person.
Equipment = £35.00

You have to feed and water the troops… Some venues offer a buffet menu and that is added onto the final price so I won’t take that into account here.
Tea and biscuits = £15

As a company, they don’t have to have Public Liability insurance, some do, most don’t. It is good practice and for the benefit of the doubt, I will allow that they have it.
Public Liability insurance companies covering paranormal groups are rather few and far between in the UK so I will settle for ‘Westminster Indemnity Ltd’ who’s cover for groups starts at £116 pa. We will use this figure. Working out bi-monthly…

Insurance = £4.80


  • Equipment = £35.00
  • Tea and biscuits = £15
  • Insurance = £4.8
  • Location Fees = £250

Overall Total expenses per “investigation” = £304.80

Let’s take that figure and then divide it by the attendees…

These companies, on facebook, online, in the papers are charging between £25 -£75 per ticket.

That’s £16.30 profit per ticket. £570 profit per event.
I repeat…
Five hundred and seventy pounds profit.

If you notice, these companies will charge higher ticket prices the when the venue allow only a certain amount of people. They call it ‘exclusive’.
So going back to where I started, sure! Of course! ghost hunting event companies are SUPER HAPPY to pay £250 for an event, they make a massive profit from this.
My gripe is that these venues figure it out, it’s not hard. I have dyscalculia and I did it. These venues then wise up to what’s happening and their paranormal fees just keep rising and rising, the companies’ fees rise right alongside.

This pushes the serious investigator out. A group of only two or three investigators cannot afford to pay these fees.
Some give up entirely, some go the route of becoming one of these paranormal leeches, others bite the bullet and pony up the cash after working five shifts at some crappy job to pay for it.

I don’t know what we will do. For now, I am still looking for haunted places that DO NOT cater to the ghost hunting event leeches.

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Investigation at a 19th Century Cattle Yard

Working the night shift allows me to stay up all night without the burden of tiredness. My days are my nights and my nights are my days. For paranormal investigations, this is perfect.

Location, Location, Location

Finding this location was a result of a fascination with old maps and finding an online scan of a map from the 1800’s for the area in which I live was gold dust to me.

For three hours I poured over this scrap of history, the scan was good, the specks of brown and the paper texture making it feel like it was on my desk in full dusty glory.

Patience is a Virtue

old cattle market photo

Cattle Fair Bowling Green Founded by William Kitt 1041

Three hours and two cups of tea later, I stumble on an unassuming note; Cattle Market. This wasn’t where I thought it should be.
The only cattle market that I knew of that was located in this town was at a different site, the other side of the town and demolished in the early 2000’s.

Looking online, I couldn’t find much in the way of historical documents regarding the cattle yard that I remembered, not surprising really as a cattle market isn’t considered that historically significant.

The Difficulties of Research

I found a site that talked about a local tavern which held cattle ready for sale, this tavern is located about a quarter of a mile from the market I remembered and the site mentions that this holding pen was in effect in the 17th century.

I went back to the map to take a look at the cattle market location I remembered and found that it was labelled “Auction Mart” and it was located next to a brick works. I have to wonder, was the Auction Mart a place where building materials were sold? Not cattle?

Map showing the positions of the Cattle Market (orange) and the Auction Mart (yellow).

Map showing the positions of the Cattle Market (orange) and the Auction Mart (yellow).

Ludlow has some very nice red clay and the stone around would be good for making housing bricks. Perhaps the market (pardon the pun) dried up and the old cattle market I found on the map was moved to the auction location as it was closer to the taverns in the town?

So many questions and little historical data to go on. It started to nag at me so I delved into more and more obscure parts of the internet to read more but nothing, not even an off hand account of an 18th century traveller.

Is it Still Haunted?

I got to wondering if there was a spirit there that would be able to talk to me. As far as I could tell, there has never been a paranormal investigation conducted there, there have been a few ‘medium’ and ‘spiritualism’ classes held in the local St. Johns Ambulance hall situated on the edge of the car park that now occupies the site of the old cattle market, but I do not know if they got anything. I’m still a sceptic with regard to mediums and spiritualists.

Site of the old Cattle Market in Ludlow

Modern site of the old Cattle Market in Ludlow

The Investigation

The investigation stated at 3am, it was a cold night and due to the location, I elected to stay in the car as I was there alone.

I didn’t see anything that was unexplained, at one point I thought I saw a shadow run behind me but that was soon proved as a car driving past, the lights casting shadows.

The Evp was compelling but unfortunately I only captured class c evps, however the echovox communication was a lot more productive.

Half an hour later, a strange car pulled up outside the car park and as it wasn’t police I decided to leave. The driver was behaving strangely and it unnerved me.

I plan to investigate again but next time, I will go with another.


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“How Not to be a Paranormal Investigator” – TAM 2012

I was just looking around on YouTube for something to pass the time and I came across this video from a couple of years ago and it seemed like something you would like to see as well.

Join James Randi, Banachek, Benjamin Radford, and Matthew Baxter for this panel discussion on the right and wrong ways to investigate paranormal activity, moderated by the JREF’s Director of Communications Carrie Poppy.

“How Not to be a Paranormal Investigator” – TAM 2012

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