Polices and Procedures.

In no particular order.

Risk assessments must be carried out before any investigation.

A full risk assessment covering health & safety concerns for the members of the investigation.
A full risk assessment for potential damage to the property must be carried out.


Members on investigations are to be respectful to the client and the location.

Foul language, horse play and tomfoolery is not permitted and shall result in the offenders being asked to leave the investigations.
Repeat offenders will be discharged from The Ghost Trust.


Members must not damage property.

If property damage occurs whether through accident or design the investigation must immediately cease and the damage assessed, photographed and the date, time, location and members involved should be recorded and full statements taken. The client should be informed immediately and the police called if requested.

The person who caused the damage is wholly responsible for any remuneration requested by the client. It is up to the person who caused the damage to request repair quotes etc.


Public liability insurance must cover each investigation.

Public liability insurance carried under the name “The Ghost Trust” will be carried due to most venues requiring any investigation team to carry this insurance.


The client shall have full authority in the following regards.

  1. The client has full authority in regards to access to the location. If they deem certain areas off-limits then those areas are strictly off-limits.
  2. The client can cancel the investigation at any time.
  3. The client can strike any information from the record.
  4. If the client has cancelled the investigation then they have the right to request any and all documentation gathered.

The client is obligated to provide a reasonable explanation for their requests.



Accidents and Emergencies.

A first aid kit should be carried at all times by each member of the investigation. If a member of the investigation is hurt and they can tend to their own wounds then they should do so. If they are unable to tend to their own wounds then they may give permission to another team member to assist them. The assistant should wear non-latex gloves when tending to wounds.

If a team member requires more than basic first aid then 999 should be called immediately and the I.C.E contact for that member notified.


First Aid Kits & Mobiles.

All members must carry the following at all times:

  1. Personal First Aid kit, including any medication they may need.
    In case of epi-pens or insulin – full, clear instructions should be included in case they need to be administered by another member.
  2. Mobile phone with and ‘In Case of Emergency'(I.C.E) contact name and number.


Equipment usage on investigations.

Equipment is the responsibility of the respective owner. If the owner chooses to lend their equipment to another member then they assume responsibility for any damage that occurs.
Members are encouraged NOT to lend their personal equipment to others.

These policies and procedures are subject to change and should be reviewed regularly. Members are encouraged to contact admin @ ghosttrust.com if they notice errors or omissions.