Paranormal Attention Seekers.

fake demon photoThis is a case I have followed for over a year. The case came up on a paranormal board that I frequent, I joined in, thinking this could be real, but as a sceptic I always have my doubts.

Unfortunately the internet isn’t the best way to perform an investigation, as the ‘evidence’ is being provided by the person claiming the activity and therefore is extremely biased.

The Ghost Adventures crew actually investigated the claims made in their season 10 episode “Demons in Seattle” this was a very controversial episode as they didn’t actually find any evidence.

I was surprised that they didn’t find anything, it’s usual for these shows to find ‘something’ even if it’s just a “Did you hear that?!” but absolutely nothing happened. I will admit my estimation of them has shot up.

This is common in the field. Nine times out of ten NOTHING happens on an investigation. Us paranormal investigators are paradigms of patience, we will sit for hours in buildings slowly getting cold and hungry and the end of it, nothing, nada, zip. After a week of evidence review… still nothing. Welcome to REAL investigating!

So it was amazing to see a TV show actually show nothing happening.

Anyway, back to point…

This case was interesting as was happening over years, it began in 2012 I believe. The evidence given by the occupant was very vague and biased. After requesting pretty standard paranormal investigating evidence – CCTV coverage, more and more excuses came out. Video evidence would be easy if the activity was as obvious and violent as was claimed.

There was no EVP evidence from the occupant either, who doesn’t have a voice recorder? I even have on pre-installed on my mobile.

The case became more and more spurious.

I even emailed the occupant with some suggestions to clear the house. He replied that he would try my suggestions and then 3 months later, still no communication, just more vague evidence.

The thread in the forum blew up when the OP announced that the GA crew were coming to film.
After the occupant of the house had seen the preview of the show he was making reference to the show having some amazing evidence, so we were all eagerly awaiting this ‘amazing evidence’ and well… yeah… so… nothing.

The Ghost Adventures show really nailed it for me.

After the show, Twitter and Facebook went crazy with some people annoyed with the lack of evidence and most happy that the GA crew showed a real investigation!

The occupant seemed oblivious to the complete lack of evidence from the show. he continued to provide ‘evidence’.

My verdict is : Attention seekers.

Here is a radio interview of the occupant.


Photo by 顔なし

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