Short session at Ludlow Castle :: The Ghost Trust Investigation

Investigation Report

Michelle takes her sister out for a quick ghost hunt at the east wall of Ludlow Castle and get some interesting results from both the echovox and sb7 spirit box.

It was a bleeding cold night that night, so my sister and I didn’t feel like staying out for too long.

ludlow at night photoWe pulled up at the car park at about 9:25pm

on the 14th December 2014. There were few people around which was lucky as there were a lot of work parties taking place the night before. We gathered together our various  bits of equipment that had already been checked for battery levels and batteries replaced if necessary.

We set off for the short walk to the Castle. It wasn’t far and I thought that for her first time, my sister would like to go somewhere that was spooky and where I knew we would get some results.

archive mortimer ludlow photoArriving at the Investigation Location

We got to the east gate of the outside wall a few minutes later, started recording on the camcorder and it was then I realised that I had left the most important piece of equipment behind – the torch!

We then had to use the LCD screen on the camcorder to see what buttons to press and this cause a lot of weird looking footage of the sky to begin with!


Once we settled down, we began with a short session of EVP using the voice recorders we had brought and I’m sad to say we didn’t get anything apart from a low growl which was actually a car passing in the distance.

The echovox produced some more interesting responses and I will be doing a second video on those results alone in the near future.


The SB7 ghost box was interesting and I felt some low DB responses through he speaker while I was holding it, but unfortunately the camcorder nor the voice recorder I was holding picked them up.

In summary

We didn’t actually see anything, no shadows, mists (apart from what we breathed out) or apparitions but the audio evidence is very interesting and is still under review at the time of publishing.


Please enjoy the video below and if you hear or see anything, please let me know via commenting on this post or by the contact page linked above.

▶ Short session at Ludlow Castle :: The Ghost Trust – YouTube.

Photo by Redhead Cobweb

Photo by Internet Archive Book Images

Photo by Iwan Gabovitch

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