Thoughts about the Afterlife…

This page is more like a notebook containing my own personal thoughts about the supernatural and the afterlife. If you have anything to add, please submit a post or leave a comment.


What if the extra waves we are putting into the environment, wifi, radio, digital ect are causing the increase in paranormal activity? Perhaps we are ‘feeding’ the entities with these artificial energy sources?


ludlow castle houses spiritsAs spirits are bodiless, do they inhabit solid objects; Stone, brick, wood? Can they exist in the free air or do they need some form of solid structure to reside in? Is this why buildings are haunted?

I always get better evp when I’m closer to a solid structure, the east gate at Ludlow castle for example. I get stronger, more clearer  words and longer sentences as well.


After reading Edison’s lost chapter. I am beginning to wonder if Edison was on to something. Ok, the descriptions of ‘little peoples’ controlling and building us is a little childish, however they didn’t know about DNA and neurons ect back in the day, so this makes me think that there is something to what he is saying.

Basically, he says that there are two or more man groups of ‘little people’ in us, one group are the workers, the builders if you will and the other group is controlling those.

He also talk about swarms of life, ‘life, like energy, cannot be destroyed only changed’ so he believes that these swarms of life go from place to place and bang, here we are.

It’s an interesting theory, that we are not one individual unit, rather a collection of millions upon millions of life particles that have come together like a colony. He believed that when we die, these particles go off into the next shape and so life goes on.

He wanted to believe that the consciousness remained together, the intelligent group, and that his personality, thoughts and knowledge remained together, but it was quite interesting to read that he was resigned to the fact that it might have been a silly idea.

Many people seem to focus on his apparatus, personally I believe that his ideas are much more interesting.

I have thought about this for a while and I am starting to think that perhaps the particle idea, wasn’t flawed, rather incomplete.

What if LIFE is a particle and a wave. Quantum?

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